Adoptable Cats

A Foster or Adoption application must be

completed, regardless of who's applying.


References must be provided and a home

check will be done. in lieu of a home

check, a reference from a STCP team

member may be accepted.


Our current adoption fee for is

$ 175 for kittens and $125 for cats.

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Cory's made progress! He's no longer skittish & greets strangers coming into the house with curiosity and head rubs. Very cuddly and loves to sleep atop a human! He'll request some attention with some very quiet little meows. He adores his feline foster family and readily accepts all new comes with ease. He gets along with his 83lb canine foster brother but doesn’t play as the dog is too rough. Cory's very handsome boy with striking markings and very fine features. He is very slim but all muscle