We sometimes have a few kitties that are unsocial or just prefer outdoor living that meet our barns buddy criteria. 

They'll be fixed & up to date on vaccines - and no adoption fee but donations are welcome.  


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Strays That Can't Pay - Welcome!

Extra! Extra!

Dog of the Week - Pride


Miss Pride  has made progress from the constant training and care of her wonderful fosters. Missy’s, that’s what her foster family calls her, playful nipping has reduced 75% of the time, she is learning! She can now jump on her fosters bed and very infrequently is given her meds, probably a couple of times a month! The medication is $50 and she doesn’t require it often at all! She is loving, affectionate, and adores attention. Great with other animals, children, humans and she will b a wonderful companion to a family that opens their heart & home to her...this girls life before we took her in was deplorable and she has soooo much to give as a pet....this is a dog that deserves an awesome life so if u want a perfect pet, Missy is your dog

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Cat of the Week - Molly


How can you not want all this love?

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